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3D Statues / Figurine

We Create Life-Like 3D Photo Figurines!



The Process

  • Objects or people will be scanned using handheld cameras, which can transform and capture the minute’s details.
  • The objects will be printed in plain white material so that it can then be painted by hand, to personalise and make the 3d statue model look real.

Anything can be scanned – including people, pets and cars.

  • The models can be scaled up to 15 cm high.



Scale 1:10 (approx 10cm)

Scale 1:12 (approx 15cm)




NB: Kids and other figurine/statues i.e animals of scale 1:12 there is a discount of the 25%


Contact Us to make a booking and come to our studio, or alternatively, one of our lovely members can come to your own Home/Business.


Choose your scaling and options and get ready for the Lightning-Fast Scan!


NB: If further than 50Km from our studio, we will need to provide you with a travel quote.


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