3D Print Creativity Brisbane now offer short-term rentals of personal 3D printers.


The  new service form Rent a 3D Printer Brisbane offer the opportunity to temporarily RENT a 3D Printer.


This approach could you work best if you have only a short-term need for a 3D printer, perhaps on a specific project you're developing.


Rent a 3D printer is removing the barrier to 3D printing with affordable price rentals.


Build the parts you need for your project or just find out what 3D printing is all about.


Rent a Rep Prusa 3D printer.


Print area: 220x 240 x 220mm - 220x270x220

Print layer resolution: 0.10 - 0.40mm

Filament Type: ABS, PLA

Filament size: 1.75mm.


Package includes:

1 x Power cable

1 x USB cable

1x USB card

1 x Training session on how  to use the 3D printer.

1x Download and install Cura (Slicer Software to prepare STL files for 3D Printing ) on your  pc/laptop.


3D Filament, we have various colours and you will need to purchase separately with your rental.

 Cost per 1kg PLA  $39 or PLA 600 Gr. $25 . If unfinished, you will keep the 3D filament roll.

 Colours and type of filament are subject to availability and stock.


A security deposit will be refunded after returning the 3D printer in the same condition when it was rented. Deduction will be made if any damages occurred.


Pick up and drop off the 3D printer at our location.

 Additional charge for delivery , if further than 25 Km from our studio, we will need to provide you with a travel quote.


Any Questions?

Please contact us: