3D Printer Repair Services

We are able to repair a variety of 3D Printers FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling) - Resin ( Stereolithography -SLA) 3D printers. FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling) Vivedino T-Rex 3D Printer Robo R2 3D Printer Modix Big-Meter 3D printer Modix 180X 3D Printer Modix 120X 3D Printer Raise 3d Plus Pro Raise 3D Dual Extruder Raise 3D Pro2- Modix Big 60 3d Printer Sooway Sw200 3D Printer Wanhao Duplicator 5S- Wanhao Duplicator 9- Wanhao Duplicator 6- Wanhao Duplicator 7UV Resin Tevo Tornado- Tevo Tarantula-Tevo Black Widow- Cocoon Creality cr10 "S" 300- Creality CR-10 "S4" 400- Creality CR-10 "S5" 500- Creality Ender -3 Pro- MakerBot FlashForge Dreamer - Flashforge Finder- Flashforge Creator - Flashforge Adventurer - FlashForge Inventor - Balco- Malyan Da Vinci 1.0 -Da Vinci 3 in 1 Mini plus Mankati (Update XT to XT Plus) contact us Ultimaker- LulzBot- MakerGear- PrintrBot- HatchBox- Robo3D- Zortrax- PP3DP Original Prusa I3 MK3S- Prusa mini - Prusa i3 MK3 Multi Material 2S - Anet A2-A8-A6-E12- Geetech - Artillery- UpX 5 - Up 300- Qidi Tech- Resin ( Stereolithography -SLA) PHROZEN SONIC MINI - PEOPOLY PHENOM - FORMLABS FORM 3 - Elegoo Mars - Creality LD-002R- Anycubic Photon - Phrozen Shuffle XL- Phrozen Shuffle 4K- Phrozen Shuffle LITE- Phrozen Transform - Phrozen Shuffle LITE - Phrozen Sonic LCD - Phrozen Sonic Mini- -Elegoo Mars Pro - Longer Orange 30 - Epax X1- Phrozen Shuffle 4K - Peopoly Phenom - FlashForge Hunter - Prusa SL1 If you need any assistance with your 3D printer, please contact us