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3D Printer Bed Adhesive Standard

3D Printer Bed Adhesive Standard

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Completely prevent warping with the new Fialform bed adhesive spray designed specifically for PLA+, PETG, ABS, ASA, nylon and many more FDM based materials. Filaform Bed adhesive spray has been tested on smooth and textured PEI bed platforms and works very well in both scenarios. 

Filaform Bed Adhesive Spray is a high-performance bed adhesive that is essential for all 3D printing users. Made in Australia, this spray was developed after running hundreds of prints on over 100 printers to address the common problem of warping. The specially formulated blend of polymers creates a strong, durable bond that holds your prints in place, even during prolonged printing sessions. Simply spray a thin layer onto your bed and allow it to dry for a few minutes before printing. It's versatile and suitable for use with a wide range of 3D printing materials, including PETG, nylon, and TPU. When the build plate is hot, the part will adhere and will self-release once cooled. No scraper is necessary, simply remove the part from the bed once it has cooled. Filaform Bed Adhesive Spray is easy to use and will help you achieve consistent, high-quality prints every time. Keep your 3D printer running smoothly with Filaform Bed Adhesive Spray, the perfect solution for any Australian 3D printing enthusiast looking to improve the quality of their prints.


  1. Ensure the print surface is clean
  2. Spray thoroughly onto the print base from approximately 10cm ensuring you cover the entire build area
  3. Print your model 
  4. Wait for the platform to cool down (below 30 degrees C) and remove the completed model. 



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