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Blackout and Dustproof Cover for Resin Printer - Small

Blackout and Dustproof Cover for Resin Printer - Small

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Blackout and Dustproof Cover for Resin 3D Printer.

Protection from Sunlight, Dust, Dirt and Spills for small to medium sized resin printers.

  • 3D resin printer blackout cover keeps your resin 3D printer free of dust, UV rays and moisture, protects from damage, and helps contain resin fumes. Also can reduce the adverse effects on the printer's work to improve print stability in cold weather.
  • Size:  L:260 x W:260 x H:400 mm, (10inL x 10inW x 16inH) - suits small to medium printers.
  • Use 3D printer blackout cover to keep the device secure until you have time for cleaning.
  • Made of durable, soft PVC laminated polyester, built to last. Waterproof and safe from tears and abrasion while remaining very flexible.
  • Convenient Design : 3" flaps on all four sides allow easy access to printer controls and ports. 
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