Creality 2020 CR-10 S5 3D Printer
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Creality 2020 CR-10 S5 3D Printer

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“Dual Z-Axis Screws/Motors”, “Filament Sensor” and “Auto Resume Print”!!!

INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: 1x SD Card, 1x Tool Kit and 200g Complementary Filament + Bonus Spare Parts Kit.

2019 CR-10 “S5” 3D Printer Info:

–       Massive 500x500x500mm build volume.

–       The S5 has an all metal frame (no acrylic).

–       Full metal chassis. Bed runs on 6 wheels as opposed to the standard 4.

–       Heated bed with “Tempered Glass” bed surface.

–       Print temperatures up to 250°C.

–       Print Speed: Regular: 60-80mm/s, Max: 150-200mm/s

–       Filament Types: PLA, Wood  PLA. May print ABS, PETG, PC, TPU, Copper and more with upgrades.

–       SD Card and USB connectivity

–       Compatible Software’s in Cura, Slic3r Repetier Host and Simplify3D.

–       A tool kit is included for assembly.

–       A memory card is included (Complimentary).

–       200G of PLA filament is included (Complimentary).

–       Patented technologies: Dual bearing Delrin solid V wheels with unique V-slot rails generating, less noise and better performance compared most other comparable machines on the market.

–       Industrial-grade circuit board: Designed to continuously print for 200+ hours with reliable and consistent results.

– Red Full Metal Extruder

Advanced Features/Inclusions:

Dual Z-Axis:

Unlike the standard CR-10 the S5 comes with Dual Z axis screws and motors. Using two motors and two lead screws allow smooth and consistent lifting of the X-Axis assembly from “both sides”. This is designed to remove any offsetting effect. This included upgrade will undoubtedly improve your print quality and finish (especially for those taller and larger prints).

Filament Sensor:

Filament Monitoring Alarm Protection (Filament sensor)

This sensor has a simple yet important function. It is designed to alert the user if the filament is running low during a print.

Auto Resume Print:

No need to worry anymore about power interruptions or outages. The “Auto Resume Print” feature will allow you to pick up from where you had left off. This feature works by storing the necessary information and then resuming when power has been restored.

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