Doodle Drawing Kid Gift 3D Printing Pen Pink Set USB 3D Print Creativity
3D Print Creativity

Doodle Drawing Kid Gift 3D Printing Pen Pink Set USB

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Doodle Drawing Kid Gift 3D Printing Pen Pink Set USB-

 SAFE FOR KIDS AND ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY: These 3D Pen Filament Refills feature high quality, biodegradable PLA filament which unlike ABS, is a non-toxic, completely safe and odorless material

STRONG COMPATABILITY: Can be used with most 3D pens and printers that use 1.75 diameter filaments

GREAT PERFORMANCE: Premium quality and high precision ensure that printing is simple and smooth.
- 1.75mm PLA 3D Printing
- To draw 3D objects from paper to reality.
- Material: PLA
- Diameter 1.75 mm
- Length: 10x10 meters/20x10 meters 
- The filament is for a 3D pressure pin used to melt plastic at high temperatures.
- High precision, laser detection, error control in 0.02 mm
- Stable melting point, conducive to printing, ensure smooth printing, molding effect smooth and delicate, no blisters.
Package Included: 
1 X 3D Printing Pen 
3 X 3m Filaments 
1 X USB Cable 
1 X Manual 
mobile phone plug is not applicable!!!!

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