Phrozen 2020 Transform 3D Printer
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Phrozen 2020 Transform 3D Printer

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Not only is the Transform versatile and precise, but it will also let you PRINT BIG. With a market-leading 4K 13.3” LCD screen and an ultra-stable 400mm Z-axis it is in a league of its own.

From Hobbies to Dentistry, Jewellery, Prototyping, the Phrozen Transform can handle both small and large projects with ease.


The Phrozen Transform’s 13.3” printing area engulfs pretty much all SLA 3D printers in the market. It tops the chart of consumer-grade 3D printers with a magnificent 292 x 165 x 400mm build volume!


The large printing area does not sacrifice details either. With a state-of-the art 4K Ultra HD LCD screen able to achieve remarkable results with a 76µm XY resolution. Despite having an enormous 400mm Z-axis (twice as tall as comparable 3D Printers in its class) the Transform ensures both consistency and reliability boasting a 10µm z-axis resolution (yes you heard that correct). The z-axis is stable, reliable and provides consistent results.
It is also over engineered but what’s wrong with that??
With Phrozen Transform, you may never have to assemble prints again or do countless batches. Why not just print them all at once!

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