Voxelab Aquila X2 3d printer-
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Voxelab Aquila X2 3d printer-

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Voxelab Aquila X2 3D Printers W/ Resume Printing Filament Detection PLA/ABS/PETG

Voxelab Aquila X2 3D Printer with Full Alloy Frame, Removable Build Surface Plate, Fully Open Source, Resume Printing, Filaments Detection and Auto Filaments Feed/Return Function


  • Upgrade Model: Ergonomic screen,support with filaments detection and auto filaments feed/return function,compatible with PLA, ABS, PETG filament.
  • Fast Heating and Silent Printing: The carbon crystal silicon glass plate provides a strong adhesion, heating in 5 mins, and the printing model will not easily become warped and the printing sounds is below 50 decibels.
  • Intelligent and Smooth Printing: Aquila equipped with super quiet printing designing, with smooth adjustable pulley, and if power is accidentally cut off during printing, accurate printing can be continued after power is switched on.
  • Semi-Assembled Kit with Fully Open Source: The easy-to-setup kit comes partially assembled, also it comes with removable build surface plate. It allows for flexible upgrades and various modifications.
  • Warranty and Service: All Voxelab 3d printers are provided lifetime technical assistance and 12-months warranty.

Main Features:

  • Sturdy structure: prints steadily.
  • Print spec: build volume 220*220*250mm, print resolution ±0.2 mm, print speed ≤180mm/s.
  • Vertical command panel: better conform to user operation habits, easy to use.
  • Filament detection sensor: detect and notify filament status during printing process, a powerful guarantee for success print.
  • Filament auto feeding: put in filament end and trigger filament auto-feeding via the command panel. New feeding module ensures stable feeding, minimize breaking.
    • Resume printing: resumes 3d print exactly from where it stops when power is back on, no need to abandon current print and start from the beginning.
    • Ultra-flat glass print bed: strong adhesion, excellent first-layer printing, easy to remove object after print finishing.
    • Software supported: Cura / Simplify 3D / VoxelMaker.
    • Filament supported: PLA, ABS and PETG Filament.
    By keeping main properties of Aquila and adding filament detection sensor,
    Aquila X2 becomes an even more friendly 3d printer for beginners. The revised vertical command panel better conforms to user operation habits and convenience of use.

    As an entry-level FDM 3D Printer, Aquila X2 provides an easier, more interactive and engaging way to print 3d models. Simple XY calibration, auto filament loading and unloading, classic color screen with rotary knob let you set up 3D printing accurately and briskly.

    Newly added filament detection sensor helps maximize print success rate & avoids filament waste. 

    Revised vertical command panel better conforms to your operation habits and convenience of use.

    Carry Aquila X2 to anywhere easily with handle, cooperate with others or showcase talents freely!

    Aquila X2' s carbon silicon crystal glass print bed platform can be heat up within 5 minutes, allows quick molding while not be easily warped. Its sturdy V profile pulley ensures steady movement with low noise and excellent wear resistance, making it durable and reliable for accurate 3d printing demands.

    Aquila X2 allows you to 3d print teeny-tiny part to big project up to 220*220*250mm

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