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Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Capacitive Proximity Switch

Auto Bed Leveling Sensor Capacitive Proximity Switch

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Product Description:
Model: M12 capacitive proximity switch
Installation type: non-embedded
Action mode: NPN normally open
Size: M12*62mm
Wiring length 510mm
Material: Shell nickel plated brass, detection surface ABS
Detection distance: 5mm±10%
Lag distance: less than 10% of the detection distance
Detection object: metal, non-metal: plastic, glass, wood, liquid: water, oil, etc. Voltage: DC 6-36V
Operating environment temperature: -25°C-65°C, no freezing
Use environment humidity: 35-95%RH

Package includes: 1pc x Auto Bed Leveling Sensor/Auto Self-Leveling Sensor

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