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Creality Flexible Magnetic Plate to Suit Creality LD-002

Creality Flexible Magnetic Plate to Suit Creality LD-002

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Creality Flexible Magnetic Plate to Suit Creality  - K8623

Suits Creality LD-002R Resin Printer

This Flexible Magnetic Plate provides an easy solution to cleaning up after printing with resin. Removing prints without damaging either the print or the build plate is tricky. It’s all too easy to send your freshly-printed masterpiece hurtling across the room with a misplaced jab of the spatula, only to have it crash to the floor, resting broken and sad in a puddle of slowly-curing resin.

The solution; using this flexible magnetic plate. Just peel it off the printer with the handy tabs, give them wiggle, and pop! Your prints come straight off. Plus, if you have more than one flexible plate, you can start your next print while cleaning up your last. You’ll have that whole army of minis up in no time!

Getting started is easy; you attach a super-strong (alternating-polarity) magnetic base to the build plate of your favourite resin printer using the high-strength 3M adhesive supplied. It’s a special kind of adhesive that won’t react with resins and solvents but sticks super well to the metal of your build plate. Once the magnet is on and the adhesive is set, the stainless, spring-steel plate snaps right to it.

Re-level your printer to account for the added thickness, and you’re good to go! The stainless steel has a high chromium content (that’s the magic ingredient of stainless-steel), which keeps it safe from the corrosive compounds in the resins; while the brushed texture of the stainless-steel ensures your print can get a good grip to it, to help prevent warping and failed prints.
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