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Creality Halot One Plus 3D Printer -

Creality Halot One Plus 3D Printer -

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Creality Halot One Plus 3D Printer - K8615

The Halot One Plus by Creality offers a large 7.9" 4k mono LCD screen with a resolution of 4320*2560 allowing vividly detailed prints. With an upgraded 172 x 102 x 160mm build volume on the previous edition of the Halot, it has a 73% volume increase compared to the 6" LCD and supports both smaller or larger models. Z-axis with dual linear railways, together with a T-shape screw rod, ensures accurate and steady movement to ensure no printed layer deviation. The self-developed integral light source is based on the reflection principle and vastly improves the lighting evenness for higher precision printing. 

The new generation mainboard with improved AI algorithm is powerful in processing data and images and is well prepared to handle all kinds of models. The large 5" HD multi-touch screen with brand new UI interface has a user-orientated design, supporting 14 languages, one-click slicing and printing and provides a clear model preview of your print via the Creality Cloud APP.

Resin printers allow for much higher accuracy than their FDM counterparts, typically with the tradeoff being a smaller build volume and a UV curing process thats a bit more involved to complete a print. However the detail of resin prints are unrivalled, and ideal for those wanting small accurate parts or figurine/miniature collectors etc.


  • 7.9" 4K mono LCD
  • Self-developed integral light source
  • High performance mainboard
  • Z-axis with dual linear rails
  • 5" HD touch screen
  • Air filtration system
  • Multiple slicing software
  • Supports Creality Cloud APP
  • Supports OTA updates
  • Compatible with HALOT-BOX Lychee and CHITUBOX
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