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Creality LD-002R Desktop Resin 3D Printer -

Creality LD-002R Desktop Resin 3D Printer -

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Creality LD-002R Desktop Resin 3D Printer - K8620

Resin based 3D printers are rapidly becoming the go to tool for high resolution 3D prints. They offer a faster print process with excellent accuracy and a stronger finished product thanks to UV curing on each layer. The Creality LD-002R can print objects up to 120 x 65 x 165mm. It is capable of printing up 20-30mm per hour, making it much faster than traditional FDM 3D filament printers. The printer utilises an Ultra HD 2K LCD screen with UV light to cure photopolymers in the resin layer by layer. This results in a prints which can replicate even the tiniest of details down to just 0.02-0.05mm accuracy! Supplied fully assembled with easy to clean resin vat and UV acrylic cover. Size: 221L x 221W x 402Hmm.


  • Easy to level
  • Build volume 120 x 65 x 165mm
  • Stable Z axis design
  • All metal chassis
  • 3.5” touchscreen user interface
  • Easy clean resin vat design
  • Ultra HD UV LCD screen
  • 4K/8X anti-aliasing for a smooth finish on prints
  • 0.02-0.05mm accuracy
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