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Creality UW-02 Washing and UV Curing Machine -

Creality UW-02 Washing and UV Curing Machine -

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Creality UW-02 Washing and UV Curing Machine - K8650

The 2-in-1 UV curing and washing machine from Creality provides automatic cleaning for resin printed models. It keeps the process simple and easy with no need to get your hands dirty.  It offers adjustable washing modes and UV light control and timing for an excellent finish to your prints every time. The large basket allows for models printed on resin printers up to 10.1 inch screen with 250 x 160 x 200mm overall dimensions.  Models can be either in the washing basket or suspended on the platform to provide 360 degree washing and curing even in fine details. The high speed vortex cleaning ensures all residues and excess resin is removed from your printed parts and models.

After washing the unit can provide a UV curing process with 385nm and 405nm UV wavelength settings. The suspended platform rotates ensuring an even UV treatment from all angles.  The special cover filters the UV light and prevents possible resulting damage. The product is also equipped with a safety function that automatically switches off the UV lights when you remove the cover.

A must have for the resin printing workbench! 


  • Up to 10.1 inch cleaning/curing capabilities
  • Interactive interface
  • 360° magnetic rotating platform
  • Dual band UV lamp bead strip
  • Selectable speed and time settings
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